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The state of Chihuahua is the largest of the 31 states of Mexico and is located in the northwestern part of the country. It is largely a desert state, although there are areas of significant rainfall and green forests. In fact, Chihuahua Mexico has more forests than any other Mexican state. The largest city is not the capital, Chihuahua, but Ciudad Juárez, with 1.5 million residents. Chihuahua's population is predominantly Mestizo and Creole, but includes such minority groups as the indigenous Tarahumara in the mountainous areas. One of the most notable features of Chihuahua is the Barranca del Cobre, or Copper Canyon. The Copper Canyon area is a series of 20 canyons, formed over the years by six rivers. The Copper canyon area is sometimes compared to Arizona's Grand Canyon, although the Copper Canyon region is at least seven times the size, and has different topography than the Grand Canyon.

Copper Canyon

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