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Mexico has an extensive system of toll roads or Autopistas. Autopistas are built and funded by Federal taxes and are built to nearly identical standards as the US Interstate Highways System. Also, many states in Mexico have their own toll roads such as Puebla, Veracruz and Nuevo Leon. The Mexico Toll Roads offer the fastest as well as the safest means of traveling throughout the country. When dring in Mexico be aware of the signs

• VIA LIBRE – Free Road. The free roads in Mexico are usually single lane roads that often are less maintained than the toll roads. This will make traveling in Mexico take much longer.

• COUTA – Pay Toll Roads. The Government maintains these roads. They offer the fastest way to travel throughout Mexico.

Toll Road Fees
When traveling on the Toll Roads in Mexico you will need to pay a fee. These fees go to maintaining road conditions, emergency services etc. The Toll charges are based on how many axles you motor vehicle has. Most cars and motorcycles Tolls charges are usually under $3 per Toll. The tolls can be paid in U.S. currency as well as Mexican currency, however note that if you pay in pesos the will not give you American Currency as change. Below is an example of prices for using Toll Roads in Mexico. Note these fees change throughout the year.

• Playas de Tijuana - $25 Pesos (around US$2.25)
• Rosarito - $25 Pesos (around US$2.25)
• Ensenada - $25 Pesos (around US$2.25)
• Tijuana to Tecate - $66 Pesos (around US$6.00)

Keep You Ticket
Your toll receipt is your insurance policy while traveling on the Mexican Toll Roads. Make sure you keep your receipt. If you read the back of the ticket it will explain in Spanish what it covers, basically it says it covers civil liability, medical payments and funeral expenses.

Mexico Toll Road Receipt Coverages:
If you are at fault, it will cover
• Damage to the road
• Damage to other vehicles
• Medical payments and funeral expenses

If you are not at fault, it will cover
• Damage to your vehicle including towing expenses
• Medical payments for occupants of your vehicle including ambulance services if needed
• If damage to your vehicle was caused by landslides, holes or objects in the asphalt then you will be covered as well
• You will be covered in the event that there is damage to your tires, lights, or windows only if the damage was caused by loose pavement on the road due to maintenance of the road.

If you would like to see the locations of Toll Roads in Mexico or areas that are patrolled by the Green Angels click here

The Toll Road insurance will not cover damage to your vehicle if you are at fault, also if you get off the Mexican Toll Roads you are not covered by a Toll Receipt, only Mexican auto Insurance will cover this. Mexico Insurance can be purchased online. Our policies will cover damage to your vehicle as well as theft.

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