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Puerto Escondido which in english means "Hidden Port" is a port city in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The town was established in 1928 for the shipment of coffee. Puerto Escondido later became a popular destination after Federal Highway 200 was built along the country's Pacific Ocean coast during the 1960s. Although Puerto Escondido Mexico is billed as a beach resort, Puerto Escondido is still a fishing village. In Puerto Escondido the jade green waters have earned it the nickname of the Emerald Coast. Puerto Escondido is divided into three parts; El Adoquin is where most of the locals live, this is a good area to get a bite to eat. Calle de Morro is where the twentysomething crowd hangs. Here you will find surf shacks covering the beaches and the least developed area is Carrizalillo this is where most of the upscale hotels are located. The primary attractions of Puerto Escondido Oaxaca are the beautiful beaches and championship surfing. It attracts thousands of surfing enthusiasts annually. Puerto Escondido is often refered to by surfers as “the Mexican Pipeline”.

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