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Puerto Nuevo Mexico is located 50 minutes form the border. Puerto Nuevo is famous for its Lobster and "Puerto Nuevo-style" is now a world-famous synonym for the exquisite lobster offered in local restaurants, around the world. Puerto Nuevo is a favorite stop for tourists heading to Ensenada. There is always fun to be had in any of the 35 side by side restaurants, that all serve the same thing, local lobster cooked to perfection and served with steaming bowls of rice, beans, and fresh hand made tortillas. Over a million lobsters are served each year, to visitors who come from all over Baja and beyond. Lobster in Puerto Nuevo Mexico is a long-standing tradition for those visiting from the states. Enjoy incredible ocean views in most of the restaurants. Locally known as the "Lobster Village". Puerto Nuevo is a great little village with plenty of little shops and arts and crafts stores. Once lobster season is on (October thru March), Puerto Nuevo celebrates its annual Beer and Lobster Festival and the Steak & Lobster Fest. Those lively, not-to-be-missed events will take place on Avenida Rentería, (the main street) which will be shut down to traffic for the day.

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