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Your Mexican Auto Insurance Policy covers the payment of medical expenses that are incurred within the Republic of Mexico for the concept of hospitalization, medical attention, nurses, ambulance service and funeral expenses as a result of bodily injury suffered by the Insured or by any of the occupants of the vehicle insured in a traffic accident or by fire, explosion, or meteorological phenomena while traveling in a compartment, cover or cabin designed for the purpose of transporting passengers.

Medical expenses covered under this Mexican Auto Insurance policy are:

a)Hospitalization.- Room and board in the hospital, physiotherapy, expenses inherent to hospitalization, drugs and medicines in general that are prescribed by a Doctor that is legally authorized to practice medicine.
b) Medical Attention - The medical services required that are provided by professionals legally authorized to practice their profession.
c)Nurses - The cost of the services of nurses that are legally authorized to practice their profession for a maximum period of 30 days.
d) Ambulance Service - The expense incurred for ambulance service, when this is considered indispensable.
e) Funeral expenses - The Mexican Auto Insurance policy covers expenses incurred for this concept are covered up to a maximum amount of 50% of the sum insured per passenger and shall be reimbursed upon the presentation of the corresponding documents.

In the event that at the time of the accident, the number of passengers injured is in excess of the number of persons insured, the limit of liability per person shall be paid in a proportional manner.
The Mexican Auto Insurance Company shall pay the above mentioned expenses up to the time as the sum insured for each person is exhausted. The obligation of the Company shall automatically cease when the effects of the injury disappear or when the doctor releases the patient or when the medical or funeral expenses incurred have been paid.


This information regarding Mexican Auto Insurance policies is for informational purposes only. This site assumes no liability for any reliance on information provided. Mexican Auto Insurance Policies vary in coverage amounts and information. For current information see your policy Terms & Conditions. No attorney - client relationship is intended or created by this information

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