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The Mexico Insurance Company agrees with the Insured that by means of the obligation to pay the corresponding premiums, it agrees to cover the lega1 fees of Iawyers, expenses inherent to a criminal trial as well as the immediate issuance of a bond through a Surety company in order to obtain the temporary freedom of the driver and the release of the vehicle involved and/or cover the amount of the bond for the same purposes when so required at the time that the Insured is requested to cover as a result of an accident in which the vehicle property of the Insured is involved in an accident covered in this policy.

The Mexico Insurance coverage that is issued is subject to the following:

1. The Company agrees to cover the legal expenses that the Insured has to pay as a result of an automobile accident. The Insured shall have the right to request that the Mexico Insurance Company pay the expenses that are hereinafter described up to the limits that are mentioned herein:

I. The professional services received of a judicial nature by the Insured in dealing with the penal or administrative problem that occurred.

The Mexico Insurance Company shall pay for the professional services as a maximum an amount equivalent to 2,000 Dlls.

II. The expenses inherent to the criminal trail as a direct result of the accident. For the expenses incurred in the penal process of the accident as a whole, the Company shall pay as a maximum an amount equivalent to 750 Dlls.

III. In the event that the Judicial Authority were to establish an amount for the provisional freedom of the driver and the release of the automotive unit, the Mexico Insurance Company agrees to submit a surety bond for a combined single limit per event up to a maximum amount of 25,000 Dlls.

In every instance, the Insured agrees to comply with the requirements that for this purpose the Mexico Insurance Company needs.

IV. In the event that the Judicial Authority establishes an amount for obtaining the provisional freedom of the driver and the release a the vehicle, the Company shall cover the amount of premium for said bond, up to a maximum amount equivalent to 6,000 Dlls and the Estado de México to a maximum amount equivalent to 8,700 Dlls.

2. The obligation of the Mexico Insurance Company to pay the legal fees, is circumscribed to the limits of the amounts that appear in item 1 of this coverage. Said limits of the amounts issued shall be automatically reinstated when they are reduced due to any payment made by the Company during the term of the policy.

3. Once the bond has been issued, the Insured agrees to comply with each and every one of the provisions that are established in the Penal Code in order to avoid the cancellation of the provisions freedom of the driver that is under indictment and to avoid that the Judicial Authority may call in the bond or guarantee.

In the event that the bond or guarantee is called in for reasons that are imputable to the trial or to the Insured, the latter shall reimburse the Company the amount of the premium of the bond or guarantee that for this reason had been paid.


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